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Tutor id: 34427

Teaching Level & Subjects O Level (Secondary)


Qualifications & Results
My Portfolio/Experience Have 15 years of teaching and still am a current secondary school teacher. Competent to teach Lower Secondary Science, Upper Sec Pure and Combined Biology. Have achieved 100% rate and a very high distinction rate for Upper Sec Pure Biology.

Commitment Level
Tutor id: 34424
O Level (Secondary) 30-40/hr, A Level (JC) 40-50/hr, Primary 25-30/hr

Teaching Level & Subjects Primary(PSLE)


O Level (Secondary)

English, Literature

A Level (JC)

Literature, General Paper, English Language and Linguistics




Reading, Sports, Travelling

Qualifications & Results Undergraduate - Degree (Singapore University of Social Sciences)

Major in BA English Language and Literature, GPA: (4.4/5)

2014 - Diploma (SP)

Major in Diploma in Information Technology,

OLEVEL (Clementi Town Secondary School)

English (B3), E Maths (B3), A Maths (B3), Chinese (A2)

2006 - PSLE (Boon Lay Garden Primary School)

English (A), Maths (A), Science (A), Chinese (A)

My Portfolio/Experience I am currently a 2nd year English Literature undergraduate. I have been giving private tuition since I was 16, with relief tuition experience in MOE schools. I love to write poetry, and I make it a point to ensure all my students engage in Creative Writing, not just in their normal essay writing, but also other types of writing such as poems and plays, to ensure students do not get bored of writing the same thing every week. In addition to fictional writing, I ensure my students are well versed in current affairs, and require them to express their opinion and take a stand, which develops their analytical skills which are vital to doing well in Literature. \r\n\r\nAchievements in 2018:\r\n- P6 boy who has scored just 33 and 26 for his EL MYE and Prelims managed to score a C for his Mainstream English in PSLE.\r\n- P5 girl who regularly scores 50-60 for Mathematics managed to attain 80 for her P5 SA2 Mathematics.\r\n- Sec 1 N(A) boy managed to attain 74, a grade of A2 for his EL.\r\n- P3 girl managed to attain a score of 89 for EL in her P3 SA2.\r\n- P4 girl who has never passed her English in P3 managed to attain 50 for her SA1 and 57 for her SA2.

Commitment Level
Tutor id: 34423
Primary 22-28/hr

Teaching Level & Subjects Primary(PSLE)

English, Chinese, Maths, Science

Qualifications & Results 2016 - ALEVEL (SRJC)

GP (A), H2 Maths (B), H2 Chem (B), H2 Bio (B), H1 Econs (A)

2014 - OLEVEL (Paya Lebar Methodist Girls\' School (Secondary))

English (B3), E Maths (B3), A Maths (B3), Geo (A1), Chinese (A1), Chemistry (A2), Higher Chinese (B3), Biology (A2)

My Portfolio/Experience I am currently a year 2 NUS undergraduate studying psychology. I have worked at Heguru Enrichement Centre as an assistant teacher and are involved in community-involvement programs that involves teaching children basic foundations for languages and mathematics. I have one year experience teaching a primary 3 and a primary 4 student for mathematics and science.

Commitment Level I can only start in mid-January 2019.
Tutor id: 34416

Teaching Level & Subjects O Level (Secondary)

Maths, Chemistry

International Baccalaureate

Physics, Economics, Psychology, Mathematics, Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge

Qualifications & Results Diploma (UWCSEA)

Major in International Baccalaureate Diploma, Award - 42/45

2015 - OLEVEL (United World College)

English (A), E Maths (A*), Physics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology (A*), S.Studies (A*)

My Portfolio/Experience

Commitment Level
Tutor id: 34415
O Level (Secondary) $90 per hour

Teaching Level & Subjects O Level (Secondary)




Qualifications & Results 2011 - Masters (National Institute of Education)

Masters Degree (Educational Management)

1980 - Degree (NUS)

Major in Degree of Bachelor of Arts


Major in Diploma In Education, Award - NA
Minor in NA

My Portfolio/Experience I have taught English Language at Upper Secondary in a premier boys\' school for many years including preparing Secondary 4 students for the GCE \'O\' Level examinations in 2017. 47.8% of the students in my school scored distinctions at the examinations (the national average for distinctions in 2017 was 26.1%). I will prepare students to sit for the subject at the GCE \'O\' Level examinations based on my experience in teaching the subject and my knowledge of the requirements of the syllabus and the examiners. More importantly, I will develop in students a love for learning the subject, which is fundamental to self-motivation and resilience, qualities required for success and achievement in any endeavour.

Commitment Level I am start tuition in January 2019.
Tutor id: 34414
O Level (Secondary) 40/hr, Primary 20/hr

Teaching Level & Subjects Primary(PSLE)

English, Chinese, Maths, Science, Higher Chinese

O Level (Secondary)

Maths, Science, E Maths, Physics, Biology, Physics/Chem

A Level (JC)

Maths, Biology

Qualifications & Results 2015 - ALEVEL (MJC)

GP (C), H2 Maths (A), H2 Chem (A), H2 Bio (A), H1 Geog (B)

2013 - OLEVEL (Xinmin Secondary School)

English (B3), E Maths (A1), A Maths (A2), Geo (A1), Geo/S.Studies (A2), Physics (A1), Chinese (A2), Chemistry (A1), Higher Chinese (B3), Biology (A1)

2009 - PSLE (Xinmin Primary School)

English (A*), Maths (A*), Science (A), Chinese (A*)

My Portfolio/Experience I\'ve accumulated half year experience teaching english, math and science to primary school students at New Ideas Language school. I also spent a year teaching secondary 2 science, secondary 3 chemistry and E.Math as well as H2 biology at SuccessNat tutorial centre.

Commitment Level
Tutor id: 34397
Primary $40 to $60 per hour minimum 1.5 hours per session

Teaching Level & Subjects Primary(PSLE)

English, Maths, Science, Creative Writing

Qualifications & Results 1976 - OLEVEL

English (C5), E Maths (A2), A Maths (B3), Geo (C6), Phy/Chem (B3), Chinese (B3), Literature (B4), Biology (C5)

PSLE (Victoria School)

My Portfolio/Experience I joined teaching in 2000 as a mid career switch. I am currently 57 years old\r\nI attended NIE (National Institute of Education) from 2000 to 2002. \r\nI graduated from NIE with a Diploma in Education (with Credit) in 2002. \r\nSubsequently, I was posted to a primary school in Tampines as a qualified primary school form teacher. \r\nI taught from 2002 to 2006. Then, I was seconded by MOE to be a FTSC (full-time school counsellor) in 2007. \r\nI left the Ministry of Education in Aug 2011. \r\nI have been a full-time tutor since Sep 2011. I have experience in teaching Primary Math ( P1 to P6) and E Math (Sec 1 to Sec 4) and Primary Science (P3 to P6) and Primary English (P3 to P6)

Commitment Level I can currently tutoring from Monday to Saturday. \r\nCurrently, I have one available slot on every Tuesday (from 730 pm) and every Thursday (from 8 pm)
Tutor id: 34396

Teaching Level & Subjects Primary(PSLE)

Chinese, Higher Chinese


English, Chinese


Food, Fashion, Karaoke, Movies, Reading, Shopping, Travelling

Qualifications & Results 2015 - Degree (UniSIM)

Major in Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language and Literature)
Award - Certificate of Merit

2010 - Diploma (National Institute of Education)

Major in Diploma in Education,
Minor in Chinese

My Portfolio/Experience

Commitment Level
Tutor id: 34393
Primary Up 50/hr

Teaching Level & Subjects University




Qualifications & Results Degree (SIM)

My Portfolio/Experience I have 10 years experience teaching primary school pupils. From P1 to P5. Every level I already taught. Special on Higher Chinese.\r\nAfter giving tuition to three P6 pupils tuition (separate). Them grads have improved from B to A.

Commitment Level
Tutor id: 34392
Primary 20-25/hr

Teaching Level & Subjects Primary(PSLE)

English, Chinese, Maths

Qualifications & Results 2017 - Diploma (NYP)

Major in Business Intelligence and Analytics,

2013 - OLEVEL (Woodlands Ring Secondary School)

English (C6), E Maths (C5), Phy/Chem (C6), History/S.Studies (A2), Chinese (A2)

2008 - PSLE (Fuchun Primary School)

English (B), Maths (D), Science (C), Chinese (A)


English - Spoken (10) Written (8), Chinese - Spoken (10) Written (10)

My Portfolio/Experience Hi, my name is Lee Chea Yin. You may call me Janice. I am a modern dancer in Woodlands Ring Secondary School previously and I took part in our school public performance and SYF. I was also part of Nanyang Polytechnic School of Information Technology orientation planning team in 2015. \r\n\r\nI received the Edusave Certificate of Academic Achievement in 2012 and 2017.\r\n\r\nI do not have any tutoring experience therefore, I will not be able share my teaching style. However, I am a very persistent person. If have a goal in mind, I will be very determine and put in my 100% effort to achieve it.\r\n\r\nIf I am going to start tutoring a student, I will make sure to build a strong personal relationship with them, so that they will feel more connected and comfortable when they are with me. Next, I will find out the list of strengths and weaknesses that they have in the particular subject and we will set a goal together and work towards achieving it. In order to achieve that goal, as a tutor, I will have to find out which teaching method the student prefer so they can absorb what they learn more quickly. And last but not least, I will work together with the parents to find out if the student is able to go through what they learned after a few tuition classes or from the teacher in school.I will also be providing the materials based on the student\'s standard.\r\n

Commitment Level I can start as soon as possible. I might be going overseas for a short trip between November and December, however, it is not confirmed yet.
26226 Tutors found. Page 1 of 2623