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Terms & Conditions:

• This Sales Agreement is binding between TuitionJobsPortal.com and the Company, hereafter referred to as “Advertiser” and subject to the “Terms of Use” stated in TuitionJobsPortal.com’s website www.TuitionJobsPortal.com.

• The above rates are subject to change without prior notice.

• Rates above are inclusive of the applicable Service Tax, VAT or GST, where applicable. Any tax documentation required by local authorities must be provided within reasonable timeframe to allow for timely tax submission by TuitionJobsPortal.com.

• Extensions will not be granted on unutilized credits past the expiry date.

• TuitionJobsPortal.com reserves the right to withhold delivery of services until all outstanding invoices have been fully settled and where applicable, withholding tax documents fully provided to support any deduction made in the invoice settlement. All contents of recruitment and job banners are subject to TuitionJobsPortal.com approval.

• TuitionJobsPortal.com reserves the right to cancel the services in this Sales Agreement and any advertisement related to it at our reasonable discretion or if the terms in this Sales Agreement is breached. Please refer to our Terms of Use in www.TuitionJobsPortal.com and Job Advertisement Policy for more information.

• Full details of our terms and conditions are available on our website:


• This Sales Agreement is not revocable by the advertiser.

• Package is fixed to one TuitionJobsPortal.com website with fixed one work location in Singapore.

• TuitionJobsPortal.com does not allow job advertisements that have more than 1 job position in each job posting.

• Advertisements posted will remain online for a period of seven (7) days. All job advertisements posted will be stored in our database for 24 months from the posting date.

• All profiles will be stored in our database for 12 months from the posting date of the advertisement(s) or the retrieval date from Profiles Search database, whichever date is earlier.

• Profiles Search credits can be used on TuitionJobsPortal.com local Country Talent Bank only.

• One Profile Search credit will be deducted once profile request is made.

• The advertisements and/or Profile Search are for the sole usage of the advertiser and cannot be resold and/or transferred to any third party. TuitionJobsPortal.com has the right to cancel resold advertisements and/or Profile Search and charge the advertiser the normal rates if the advertiser is found to have resold advertisements and/or Profile Search.


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    Reduce hiring time by searching, inviting and interviewing quality tutors almost immediately.

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    Reach tutors who are not actively job seeking but may be open for a better opportunity. Reach them, convince them and hire them.

  • - Hire School Teachers or Senior Tutors

    We have a huge database of senior tutors. These tutors may not be applying but you can search for them and directly speak to them.

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